Consumer Protection Council

Consumer Rights

  • Right to Satisfaction of Basic needs

    Access to good quality products and services that must give consumers value for money.

  • Right to Information

    Every consumer has a right to necessary information about a product or service to be consumed. This information should include content of the product, physical address of the manufacturer/importer, net weight/volume, direction of use, date markings e.g. best before (BB) date etc.

  • Right to Consumer Education

    Acquisition of the skills to be an informed consumer.

  • Right to Choose

    Access to a variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.A consumer should not be compelled to buy products or services he/ she does not need.

  • Right to Safety

    Protection from hazardous products, services and production processes.

  • Right to Representation

    A consumer has a right to be heard and represented at fora where policies, regulations and standards affecting consumers are made.

  • Right to Healthy Environment

    A consumer has a right to an environment that is safe and habitable for present and future generations.

  • Right to Redress

    Redress for unsatisfactory products and services. A dissatisfied consumer is entitled to the 3Rs i.e. Repair, Replacement or Refund.