Consumer Protection Council

Consumer Responsibilities

  • Be Aware

    Gather all the information and facts available about a product or service as well as keep abreast of changes and innovations in the market.

  • Beware

    Be alert to the quality and safety of products and services before you purchase.

  • Think Independently

    Make decisions about well-considered needs and wants.

  • Speak Out

    Inform manufacturers and government of your needs and expectations.

  • Be an Ethical Consumer

    Be fair and never engage in dishonest practices which affect other consumers negatively.

  • Complain

    Inform businesses and appropriate regulatory authorities about your dissatisfaction with a product or service in a fair and honest manner.

  • Share Experience

    Inform other consumers about your experience with a product or service.

  • Respect the Environment

    Avoid waste, littering and contributing to pollution. Promote sustainable consumption by ensuring that what you consume does not impact on the environment negatively.