Consumer Protection Council

Business Obligations

Businesses shall:

Not employ technologies that are inherently harmful, injurious, violent and highly hazardous to consumers.

Remove or eliminate from the market hazardous products and replace them with products that are safer and more appropriate.

Not indulge in obnoxious practices or the unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.

Adopt appropriate measures to ensure that products are safe for either intended or normally safe use.

Produce label showing date and place of manufacture of products and certificate of compliance.

Not indulge in the sale, distribution, advertisement of products which do not comply with safety or health regulations.

Certify that all safety standards are met in their products.

Notify consumers of any imminent public hazard in thier products and withdraw such products from the market.

Not issue wrongful or deceptive advertisements about a product or service.

Register all sales promotion with the Council.