Consumer Protection Council

Surveillance and Enforcement (S&E) Department

The department is a key operational arm of the Council that manages complaint resolution, surveillance and enforcement activities. It is responsible for the withdrawal of unwholesome, fake, substandard and hazardous products from the market-place.

In resolving complaints, the department deploys negotiation, mediation, conciliation and investigation. As part of the outcome of complaint resolution, beyond modifying behaviour, the department secures remedies for consumers, such as compensation, repair, replacements or refund, where applicable.

The department’s monitoring activities extend to ensuring that service providers and producers do not engage in misleading advertisements, deceitful sales promotions and that they make sufficient disclosures. The department is responsible for assessing and approving sales promotions, and evaluating their conduct during and after conclusion or when consumers complain.

The department leads the Council’s effort in monitoring and reporting market trends. It also recommends erring products and service providers for escalated actions, including Summons and Orders of the Council. The key interface between operational departments and sector specific regulators is the Surveillance and Enforcement Department.