Consumer Protection Council

Planning Research and Strategy (PRS) Department

The department was established in accordance with the Civil Service Reforms Act No. 43 of 1988 of the Federal Government of Nigeria to address the missing links in plans and projects implementation as well as to provide the necessary data base required for planning purposes.

The department acts primarily as:

  1. the custodian of planning, research and statistics functions.
  2. playing a pivotal role in planning, progress tracking, as well as coordination of the Council’s projects, programmes and activities according to schedule and in line with budget.
  3. complementary role towards facilitating the activities of the Council across all departments.

The objective of the department is to support high level productivity and operational efficiency of the Council. Its vision is to ensure that CPC operates at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness through systematic and explicit planning, research and data analysis. The mission of the department is to be the Council’s think-tank, offering a clear roadmap towards speedily reaching end goals/outcomes in a timely and most effective manner.

The functions of the department are as follows:

  1. Preparation of the Council’s policies and plans.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of the Council’s projects and programmes to measure progress towards set goals.
  3. Monitoring of set performance and efficiency targets of the various sub- divisions of the Council.
  4. Conducting socio-economic research and analysis in all sectors over which the Council has jurisdiction to support law enforcement and advocacy efforts.
  5. Conducting sectoral research projects on consumer infractions that will produce outputs of direct benefits to consumers.
  6. Providing advisory strategic snapshots to determine the Council’s best routes towards success.
  7. Developing and managing relationships with researchers in universities, research institutes and other government agencies.
  8. Management of data gathering/information handling programmes that meet consumer needs.
  9. Collection and processing of operational data and statistics.
  10. Supervision of the Council’s distant offices.
  11. Coordinating strategic interface with Consumer Protection Agencies across the 36 States and FCT.
  12. Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  13. Presentation of corporate briefs, technical inputs and Key Programme Priorities (KPP) of the Council to the Presidency, Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF), the Supervising Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment other external stakeholders.