Consumer Protection Council

Legal Services Department

The department is responsible for advising the Council on all legal issues, including the interpretation of the Consumer Protection Council Act (CPCA) and other laws. The department is also responsible for inter-agency legal relationships including drafting, vetting, modifying and interpreting Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) that govern those relationships/collaborations. It also coordinates formal investigations and hearings, issuance of Council Orders, coordination with the Office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation. It further liaises with external counsel and manages litigation for/or against the Council.

Other functions of the department include:

  1. Managing the Council’s Board Secretariat, Senior Management meetings, and other statutorily created organs of/or within the Council.
  2. Developing and drafting subsidiary legislation such as regulations and guidelines for enactment.
  3. Drafting, vetting and execution of contracts between the Council and third parties.
  4. Providing legal opinions and position papers.
  5. Handling of all other legal issues of the Council.