Consumer Protection Council

Finance and Accounts Department

The department is responsible for the financial operations of the Council. These include preparation and defence of the annual budget, expenditure planning and execution, maintenance of the Council’s internal financial control, record keeping and management. Considering the size and magnitude of the daily operations of the Council and zonal offices, this department plays a vital role in ensuring that the mandate of the Council is achieved without delay or hitches.

The Finance and Accounts Department ensures that Council abides by the Federal Government’s financial regulations, extant rules, accounting and auditing standards. It further renders statutory periodic returns and reports to relevant agencies. The department also monitors, as well as interfaces, on Council’s behalf, with the Offices of the Accountant General and Auditor General of the Federation, Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Inland Revenue Service, both Houses of the National Assembly and the Central Bank of Nigeria on fiscal and monetary issues, employees’ remuneration and benefits, among others.