Consumer Protection Council

Consumer Education (CE) Department

The department has the critical task of sensitizing and educating consumers on their rights and responsibilities because an enlightened consumer is an empowered consumer. It also provides timely and useful information about market developments and related issues. In order to achieve its mandate and expand the Council’s reach especially, to the grass root areas of the country, the department actively engages market executives, Local Government Council executives, conventional media organisations, religious, youth and women groups, civil society organisations such as Consumer Protection Associations (CPAs), other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) as trusted and respected dissemination channels.

Core functions of Consumer Education Department include to:

  1. Organize and undertake campaigns, symposia, workshops, seminars and other activities to increase consumer awareness. The department also develops and produces consumer education messages in various local languages which are disseminated through the print (e.g. flyers, posters, quarterly journal − Consumer Voice), audio−visual and social media.
  2. Encourage the formation of voluntary consumer groups or associations for consumer well-being. The department encourages the establishment of Fan Clubs in primary schools, Young Consumer Clubs in secondary schools and Consumer Ambassadors in tertiary institutions across the country as well as register consumer NGOs.
  3. Periodically publish products whose consumption and sale have been banned, withdrawn, severally restricted or not approved by the Federal Government or foreign governments.

The department, in collaboration with the in-house media team operates a full audio-visual studio for producing programmes and content for television and other communication channels. The studio also records and archives activities and events of the Council for educational and reference purposes.